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Lunch Bunch Books

The “LUNCH BUNCH BOOKS” are an ongoing book series for kids. Each book is designed to teach them not one, but TWO lessons. A lesson in life, followed by a lesson on the nutritional value of food. Below are the first four books completed and published, and the fifth book is coming along. Each character is a food, and then the main character, the star, is featured after the story with its nutritional value and facts. A coloring book section will follow after that.

About Author

Jerry Arthur Newcomb

Hello Boys, Girls, Moms, and Dads, My name is Jerry Arthur Newcomb. And I was raised by my loving parents in Simi Valley California, one of the safest cities in the country. It had lots of fields, orange grows and walnut grows, which allows all the kid’s imagination to blossom. My life growing up was very positive and enjoyable.

My parents were very balanced in how they raised me and they guided me with love and affection and when necessary discipline. I was a good kid who enjoyed having fun with others as well as by myself when no one else was around.

Jerry Arthur Newcomb

Why read the lunch bunch books?

Written specifically for young readers, this ongoing series introduces children to the world of reading through delightful stories centered around characters that are actual foods while teaching the valuable lessons of life and nutritional values.

Educational Fun

"LUNCH BUNCH BOOKS" offer kids an engaging way to learn.


Food Characters that instill the love of healthy eating in your kids.

Double Learning

Helps kids understand healthy eating habits and life lessons.

Engaging Illustrations

Illustrations that help improve your child’s imagination.

Lunch Bunch Books

As a parent, I can't praise the 'LUNCH BUNCH BOOKS' by Jerry Newcomb enough! These stories are not just captivating for my kids but also serve as a fantastic educational tool. My children have not only fallen in love with reading but have also developed a keen interest in making healthy food choices. It's a win-win! Highly recommended!
Jared Brown

Feel Free to Ask

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How many books are in the series?

At present, there are 5 books in the series:

  • Molly’s Dream
  • Chip’s Lesson
  • Alvin’s Day at the Lake
  • Betty’s First Day at School
  • Charlie’s Attitude Adjustment
Where can I buy Lunch Bunch Books?

You can place your order at our website, buy them at Amazon, or head to your nearest bookstore!

Are the stories in the series somehow connected?

No. However, each book depicts a food character and has a life lesson followed by the nutritional value of that specific fruit.

Why should I buy Lunch Bunch Books for my kids?

The “LUNCH BUNCH BOOKS” are an ongoing book series for kids designed to teach them a lesson in life. They are the very “first” of their kind. Never before have your kids had the opportunity to learn a lesson in life as well as learning all about food.

Do you ship nationwide?

Yes. We offer nationwide delivery.