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About Author

Jerry Arthur Newcomb

My name is Jerry Arthur Newcomb, and I came up with the idea for the Lunch Bunch Books.

I grew up in a small town in Southern California called Simi Valley. Despite its size, Simi Valley was one of the safest cities in the country, and at that time it had just under 30,000 people. Growing up, there was a very positive and enjoyable experience. My mom and dad were loving parents who guided me with both love and discipline when necessary. I was generally a good kid who liked having fun with others and by myself when no one else was around. My imagination was strong and continued to improve throughout my childhood. My mom nurtured my good heart, shaping it into the person I am today. My dad also guided me with love, but if I strayed, a single word from him could set me straight—he had a strong and stern voice. 

Jerry Arthur Newcomb

 While he was fun, he was also firm about what was right and wrong. He introduced me to the three major sports of that time: baseball, basketball, and football, and I played them in leagues. I cheered for the L.A. Teams—Dodgers, Lakers, and Rams. Even though there were no hockey arenas for kids back then, he watched the L.A. Kings. I remember their goalie being the first to wear a leather mask. My dad guided me well.

As I grew up, my parents guided me through Sunday school, teaching me about God. At 18, I left home, and despite having a good heart, I found myself heading in a direction that led to a dead end. Recognizing my poor choices, the lessons about God came in handy. I prayed, and God began to guide me. Slowly, He straightened out my path. Today, as a grown-up, I follow Him, combining what my parents taught me in childhood with the lessons God taught me as an adult. It was teamwork at its finest. My goal now is to help kids so they don’t find themselves on the wrong path as adults.

I live my life following God’s ways, always mindful of other people’s feelings. My life is filled with love and peace, and I try to help others experience the positive aspects of love. With the funds from these books, I plan to build homeless shelters across the country to aid the homeless and reintegrate them into society as productive members. I have a detailed plan in my mind. In addition to these children’s books, I’ve written three other books. I also play Rock ‘n’ Roll music as a guitarist. I love my fellow human beings, and my goal is to help as many as I can learn positive things. This is why I created the Lunch Bunch Books.